Distar 1A1RSS/C3-H Stone


Diamond cutting blade DISTAR 1A1RSS / C3-H 230 STONE is a great solution for any type of granite, marble and sandstone. Such a tool is a universal solution for working with all natural stone materials.

Available in diameter of 125 and 230 millimeters for use on standard angle grinder with mounting of 22,23 mm. It is recommended to use with angle grinder with power up to 2.5 kW with rotation speed up to 6500 rpm.

Due to the 8-10mm height of the diamond layer, the cutting speed of the blade is 1 linear meter per minute. When testing on hard granite, while cutting at 30 millimeters depth, it showed the lifetime of 125 linear meters.

On the market, the blade positions itself as the most affordable solution for the processing of natural stone.

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