Distar 1A1RSS/С3 Premier


Segment diamond blade Distar 1A1RSS / C3-H Premier Active - a universal solution for working with natural materials. The blade is created using a special technology HIT specifically for cutting natural stone on stationary equipment. Best suited for soft granite and hard sandstone, also cuts hard granite and abrasive sandstone well.

Although the blade is more suitable for high-performance cutting of the two previously mentioned materials, it is universal in application for natural stones. It has a good resource and high speed.

Distar Premier Active is presented in 3 versions with a diameter of 300, 350 and 400 mm with a 25.4 mm mounting slot for working on stationary equipment, for example, tile cutters and other tools with a corresponding mounting slot. For all questions regarding the product, please contact our competent consultants.

Vc. Size ∅
123 1505 9017
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3-W 230x2,6/1,8x10x22,23-16 Premier