Distar 1A1RSS Stayer


The DISTAR 1A1RSS STAYER cutting blade is produced using modern technology for the processing of abrasive materials such as asphalt, sandstone, green concrete. Can be used with any angle grinding machine with a standard mounting of 22.2 mm. 

Due to the thin diamond layer, it allows the cutting of materials as quickly and efficiently as possible. Additionally equipped with a special protective layer that prevents the fast wear of the diamond layer of the segment. 

Can be used with angle grinder with average power of 2.0-2.6 kW, with revolutions up to 6650 per minute. 

Has a sufficient lifetime (up to 200 running meters) when cutting asphalt to a depth of 4 centimeters. 

DISTAR STAYER is used both for dry and wet cutting (dry cutting is recommended).

Vc. Size ∅
143 1500 5017
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3-H 230x2,6/1,8x10x22,23-16 STAYER