Distar Turbo Elite Max


Diamond cutting blade DISTAR TURBO ELITE MAX is designed for professional processing of granite surfaces. Due to its unique structure and the presence of heat sink holes on the entire blade the blade provides the most soft and comfortable work. Perfect for cutting all types of granite.

It is available in diameter of 232 millimeters with the height of the diamond layer 12 mm. Used in combination with an angle grinder with mounting of 22.23mm.
Provides high speed cutting to 1.6 meters per minute, with lifetime of 225 linear meters while cutting hard granite at a depth of 30 mm. 

Positions itself as the most balanced tool for processing granite surfaces.
For cutting of black granite type gabbro we recommend using a blade specially designed for this type of stone - diamond cutting blade Gabbro MAX.

Vc. Size ∅
101 7012 7019
Size ∅
1A1R Turbo 232x2,5x12x70+8 Elite Max
101 1512 7018
Size ∅
1A1R Turbo 232x2,5x12x22,23 Elite Max