Distar Turbo Super Max


Diamond cutting blade DISTAR TURBO SUPER MAX is a versatile tool for working with concrete. Provides soft cut and high speed when cutting reinforced concrete. It is used both for cutting standard concrete products and for highly reinforced concrete. Guarantees high speed of work, good passage of reinforcement and a sufficiently high lifetime.

Available in diameter of 232 millimeters, with a height of diamond layer of 15 mm. It is used with a standard angle grinder with power of 2.5 kW and rotation speed of up to 65000 rpm.

When tested on concrete, it showed a speed of up to 0.62 meters per minute, with lifetime of 125 running meters , while cutting 12 mm reinforcement in an amount of 6 bars per 1 l.m.
It is positioned as the highest-speed blade for cutting of concrete and reinforced concrete.

The innovative form of the diamond segment gives you the maximum effect when cutting with the Distar Turbo Super MAX.

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Size ∅
1A1R Turbo 232x2,6x15x22,23 Super Max