Distar Turbo Elite Active


The diamond blade Distar Turbo Elite Active has a bent flange, which is great for working with granite, thanks to its durable body, it is possible to cut any types of granite. Applicable for cutting gabbro, and it is worth noting that it is convenient to use for triming natural stone.  Due to the fact that the shaft is hidden (the flange is bended for this reason) it becomes possible to cut the material to a greater depth.

The diamond blade Turbo Elite Active operates at a cutting speed of 1m / min, with its lifetime of 100 running meters. It has an excellent rotation speed , which deservingly received 4 stars. At the same time, it has a moderate lifetime, and able to work with most natural materials.

Vc. Size ∅
102 1602 5017
Size ∅
1A1R Turbo 230x2,6x9x22,23/F Elite Active