Зручна робота
Comfortable work

Mechanic HANDLE 115-125

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Чисте свердління
Clean drilling

Baumesser CoolGEL 250

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Чисто 45°
Clean 45°

Mechanic DUSTER 45 115-125

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Поріже все
cut everything

Baumesser 1A1RSS Pro Rex

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Це про практичність
It's about practicality

Baumesser Krone PRO the best alternative to carbide bits.

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Ріж, Шліфуй, Заточуй
Cut, grind, sharpen

Locksmith device for angle grinder Mechanic HOLDER 115-125

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Для гостроти диска
For blade sharpness

Bar for sharpening blades Mechanic Abrasive 250x50x25

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45° Легко!
45° It's easy!

Distar 1A1R Edge Dry

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In honor of the 20th anniversary, the technical specialists of DI-STAR developed a special line of diamond cutting discs BESTSELLER. The new series includes the most popular versions of the manufactured instrument TM Distar.