The ADTnS CHG RM-W diamond blade is universal for processing reinforced concrete of the M400 and less brand, as well as bricks. Due to the unique profile of the segments presented in the M-shaped version, it provides a high level of productivity when processing reinforced and non-reinforced concrete, at a low cost of the tool.

In particular, such a blade has a working life of up to 8 square meters with a productivity of up to 300 centimeters per minute when cutting 4.0 kW power cutter of M400 reinforced concrete brand with 2.2% reinforcement with 16 mm rebar.

A diamond tool position itself as a balanced blade with a high cutting capacity for rebar on the market. Concurrently, it is presented in 3 variations with a diameter of 300, 350 and 400 mm. The number of segments is 22, 24, and 28, respectively.

It is used for working on electric/power cutters with a mounting of 25.4 mm.

Vc. Size ∅
343 2006 5022
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3 300x3,0/2,0x10x25,4-11,5-22 HIT CHG 300/25,4 RM-W
343 2006 5024
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3-H 350x3,5/2,5x10x25,4-24 F4 CHG 350/25,4 RM-W
343 2006 5026
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C3 400x3,5/2,5x10x25,4-11,5-28 HIT CHG 400/25,4 RM-W