Baumesser 1A1RSS/C1 Universal


Affordable versatility
An excellent blade for small amounts of work and a wide range of construction materials. It is used on power cutters and low-power flat saws.
The blade quickly cuts weakly reinforced concrete, foam concrete, bricks, paving slabs.
Turbocharged segments provide intermittent cutting, effectively cooling the cutting area.
The outer diameter of the blade is 350 mm, the seat is 25.4 mm
When cutting strong materials such as concrete, it is mandatory to use water as cooling. When working with soft materials, such as bricks and paving slabs, the use of cooling is not necessary.
You don't know what kind of material you will encounter in a construction place? Or you will have to cut various materials with a limited budget, this blade is for you.

Vc. Size ∅
941 2012 9024
Size ∅
1A1RSS/C1-H 350x3,5/2,5x10x25,4-21 F4 Baumesser Universal
Baumesser 1A1RSS/C1 Universal