Distar 1A1R Bestseller Ceramic Granite


Diamond cutting blade DISTAR 1A1R BESTSELLER CERAMIC GRANITE is a representative of 3D class, as a affordable tool for wet cutting of tiles and porcelain gres. Perfect for work with wall tiles, all kinds of ceramics and porcelain gres, marble.

It has a sufficiently high lifetime of up to 800 running meters at a cutting speed of 1 meter. With a good performance, it provides a high level of edge quality. Does not damage the surface, and does not create steps when cutting. In its price segment is considered one of the best.

Available in diameters 125, 180, 200 and 250 millimeters in diameter. The smallest blade is intended for angle grinder with standard mounting of 22.23 mm, the other diameters are more often used on table saws and tile cutters with a mounting of 25.4 mm.

Vc. Size ∅
113 2013 8014
Size ∅
1A1R 180x1,6x8,5x25,4 Bestseller Ceramic granite
113 2013 8015
Size ∅
1A1R 200x1,8x8,5x25,4 Bestseller Ceramic granite
113 2013 8019
Size ∅
1A1R 250x1,8x10x25,4 Bestseller Ceramic granite