Baumesser 1A1R PRO Gres


125 PRO Gres
Blade/grinding blade. Cut and grind!
When processing ceramic tiles or ceramic granite, you often need to quickly switch from cutting to grinding. Changing a blade to a grinding cup wheel and vice versa takes a lot of time, and it is inconvenient to use an additional angle grinder, therefore a tool with both features simultaneously is an excellent solution!
The 1A1R PRO Gres grinding blade has a wide 20 mm diamond layer on the face. In addition to cutting, the wide layer allows you to efficiently grind the edge of the tile, grind irregularities, and perform the curved cutting.
The blade is especially effective when cutting tiles at a 45-degree angle, performing the fine grinding of the edge. The diamond layer additionally grinds the edge after cutting, forming a clean surface.
The blade works great together with the Slider 45 MECHANIC accessory attachment for an angle grinder for cutting at a 45-degree angle.
It is manufactured with an outer diameter of 125 mm, with a mounting seat of 22.2 mm, and used on 125 angle grinder without coolant. 

Vc. Size ∅
913 1553 8010
Size ∅
1A1R 125x2,0x8/20x22,23 PRO Gres
Baumesser 1A1R PRO Gres