Baumesser Turbo Stahlbeton Pro


The Baumesser Turbo Stahlbeton PRO diamond cutting blade is an excellent solution for working with dense materials. It is mainly used for cutting concrete, bricks (both conventional and fireproof), paving slabs, reinforced concrete and other products. It is worth noting that the blade has a high cutting capacity when working with reinforced concrete of any type, regardless of the brand and density of reinforcement.

The blade is presented in two versions, differing in diameter and height of the diamond-bearing layer. The first one is 125 mm in diameter and 8 mm high, the second one is 230 mm in diameter and 9 mm high, respectively.

It should be noted that the blade has shown fairly good results in practical tests. The service life when cutting M400 reinforced concrete with 8 rebars and with a density of 1 meter by 6 pcs. of rebars was 55 meters, at a speed of 55 centimeters per minute.

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