Distar Turbo Extra Max


Diamond cutting blade DISTAR TURBO EXTRA MAX is used to process solid materials, in particular it shows itself well in cutting concrete (both reinforced and non-reinforced), all types of bricks including refractory, sandstone, and also sidewalk tiles.

The blade is capable of providing the most reliable performance throughout the lifetime, at a sufficiently high level of speed (up to 1.1 running meters per minute).

Has a sufficiently long lifetime, when making side cuts - up to 5 square meters, linear cutting - up to 160 running meters. It is allowed to work without additional cooling, as cooling is well provided by the increased number of holes in the core of the blade.

The blade has a diameter of 230 millimeters, with a thickness of a diamond layer of 2.5 mm, and its height of 12 mm. It can be used with all angle grinder machines with a mounting of 22.2 mm and a speed of up to 6650 rpm.

Vc. Size ∅
101 1502 7018
Size ∅
1A1R Turbo 232x2,5x12x22,23 Extra Max