Distar DGW-S 49 Hard Ceramics


The nut mill is a ceramic edge of excellent quality in only a few seconds. Innovative patented product. The nut cutter is screwed onto the spindle of the angle grinder, clamping the cutting diamond disk instead of the usual nut. 

The diamond layer on the end surface of the nut turns it into a full-fledged diamond cutter. This scheme allows you to sand the edge of ceramic tiles immediately after cutting. This makes the process incredibly convenient and productive. Effectively works with both wall ceramic tiles and durable stoneware.

The mill is made in two versions: 

 - with coarse grain 70/80 

- for rough grinding, removal of a large amount of material. 

 -with 100/120 grain for fine finishing work. 

 Used on angle grinders 125 with a rotational speed of 11000 rpm without cooling. The nut mill has a landing M14 thread for screwing on the LBM rod. The diamond layer has a lead-in chamfer for a smooth incision into the material.


Vc. Size ∅
174 8352 3216
Size ∅
DGW-S 49/M14 Hard Ceramics 70
174 8352 2216
Size ∅
DGW-S 49/M14 Hard Ceramics 100
Distar DGW-S 49 Hard Ceramics