Distar DGS-W Raptor


Diamond grinding cup Distar DGS-W Raptor is used for grinding concrete and other materials of the same degree of hardness. It has a sufficiently long lifetime, up to 200 running meters or 170 square meters, which has been confirmed by tests. 

Compared to the classic types, this cup wheel has a weight of 340 grams, which allows you to perform all the work with maximum ease, and also makes the tool ideal for using an angle grinder with a vacuum cleaner. It is used for dry grinding, without water supply. 

The diameter of 125 millimeters, and a mounting hole of 22.2 mm, which allows the cup wheel to be used with virtually any angle grinder with a power of 1 kW and a speed of up to 11500 rpm. The steel core of the cup wheel has a large number of openings, which means good cooling, and also effective removal of sludge from the grinding zone.


Vc. Size ∅
169 1548 0010
Size ∅
DGS-W 125/22,23-7 Raptor
169 1548 0012
Size ∅
DGS-W 150/22,23-7 Raptor
169 1548 0014
Size ∅
DGS-W 180/22,23-10 Raptor