Distar Segmented diamond front cutters for professional grinding machines


The diamond grinding cup wheel DGS-W 95 for use with the CO-199 grinding machine is designed for grinding of freshly laid green concrete, which is not older than 28 days. 

The 95-millimeter cup wheel is equipped with diamond segments, and is great for long-term work on grinding machines. Thanks to the design, the cup wheel can effectively grind without water cooling, but in this case it becomes necessary to use an industrial vacuum cleaner.

12 T-shaped segments with a grain size N00 / 30 placed on the body of a diamond grinding cup minimize the appearance of chips and shells on the surface of the material being processed. Cup wheel for grinding machines is intended for work with low and medium hardness of concrete, and in rare cases, hard concrete. 

For concrete with increased durability and aging of more than 28 days, we recommend using DGS-W Extra No0 and No2.

Vc. Size ∅
169 2309 9004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-9 №2/50
169 2309 8004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-9 №0/40
169 2309 7004
Size ∅
GS-W 95/МШМ-12 №00/30