Mechanic AirSLIDER 90 Version 2.0


Smooth, adjustable, clean sliding. For any surfaces.

No matter what kind of material has to be cut with an angle grinder, the quality of the edge, the perpendicularity of the cut, safety, and quality of the edge always remains relevant.

The AirSLIDER device for 115-125 angle grinder turns any angle grinder into a mini-machine.
The device is easy to install on the regular cover of any angle grinder.  A sole with a plastic lining gives control to the cutting, does not damage the surface of the material.  Provides perpendicular cut. The design allows to adjust the depth of the cut.
The device provides increased reliability and safety when working with different blades. A vacuum cleaner is connected to the nozzle.

Works on various materials: ceramic tile, granite, laminated flooring, wood, metal and many other surfaces.

Fits angle grinders 115 and 125 mm, any model and manufacturer.


Vc. Size ∅
195 6844 2124
Size ∅
AirSLIDER 90x115-125
Mechanic AirSLIDER 90 Version 2.0